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Default Can't get it running..... need help!!

i just got a new china 2 stroke. Grubee skyhawk 66/80cc. not sure which it didnt specify. thats just what it said.

I put it all together and I had it running the other night. I was taking it real slow. Without throttle... it did maybe 15km/hour. some throttle maybe 20 km/hr. I plan on doing a soft break in. Today I tried to run it and it will not run at all..... I can get it to start but I need a hill or me pedalling really hard to keep the engine running. There is no torque. it will not pull or do anything. I finally had it going somehow and after about a minute it quit because I accidentally forgot to turn the fuel valve on. dumb... after that could not get it to start again. i have to pedal to keep it going. Which after about 200 metres or so gets really tiring. I have tried choking and not choking.... half choking.... i have tried screwing the adjuster pin on the carb all the way in and out and half. It seems to work best when all the way in. I cant find the problem. Is it just because its new?? do I have to pedal the first couple kilometers to get it running properly?

it ran the first night why wont it run now?? Any help at all will be appreciated? Ask me anything about it and i will let you know thanks!!
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