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Default Re: What to do about bike unfriendly businesses?

Originally Posted by donphantasmo View Post
I'd love for someone to try to tell me how my motorized 66cc bike is killing mother earth. I will put fold their bodies into a pretzel, and put them into the trunk of their Prius.

Oh, and I feel bad that this poor guy "Mr. Minecraft" just wanted to vent to us, about how he can't find a decent place to park at Lowes, and we just attacked like this. Mr. Minecraft, I feel your pain. I just don't think motorized bicycles were on the minds of the people that design parking lots. I still don't think it's a means of dependable transportation. It's a hobby, and to me, that's it. No offense to those who drive every where ONLY on the MBs, but I have 2 cars and a motorcycle, and my commute is large...
Ah who's Mr Minecraft, the OP was Nashville Kat.... HAHAHA
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