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Default Re: Cold bending 1 piece cranks?

Originally Posted by wayne z View Post
Yes, it don't take a lot of heat to do the job. The times that I did use heat, I wrapped the BB in wet rags, and heated the crank until I could just barely see some redness then bent it about 35 degrees. then heated the tip about an inch away from the pedal threads and reverse bent it until the hole was perpendicular to the bike.
Afterwards of doing one side, I ran water on the BB some while the crank cooled down. Then I did the other side and cooled it again. Then, I heated and bent the tips.
With low heat like this, you can polish the blue off the chrome with steel wool and hardly tell that it was heated.
Unless you're real good at eyeballing the angles, I would suggest that you should make a plywood or cardboard template with drawn lines, that you can hold against the frame to sight your bends to.
Cool and thanks for the info, I will put it to good use as I will need to bend my crank arms for clearing the 2 stroker I'm going to be putting in it.
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