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Default Re: Anyone use supere cheap harbor freight type welders for their bikes??

Yea I recently bought a similar stick welder on amazon for the soul purpose of modifying my bike. It works well, but take some time to learn how before you go welding your bike. I recommend it if you have the cash, but would recommend buying some accessories if your serious about it. I made a list.

-safety equipment (gloves/helmet)
-6011/6013 electrodes 1/16 & 3/32
-steel tubing (non galvanized)
-steel plates, bout 1/8
-wire brush & slag hammer
-wire wheel for angle grinder
-auto darkening welding helmet

All of these things can be purchased at Lowes with the exception of the helmet. They may have them there, but I find them to be overpriced so I bought this- Its a great helmet. great adjust-ability, and it has selectable shade lens that can be replaced. it auto darkens fine, I have never been flashed by it but make sure you have a good line of sight between the two sensors and the arc. Some people may say that an auto darkening helmet is not necessary, but I need it if any precision is required like that in a motor mount. the wire wheel can be found at Lowes but it took me three trips to Lowes to find it because i didn't know that it doesn't use the angle grinder sandwich clamp method but just screws on. as far a saftey equipment goes i just use jeans, a denim button down shirt, welding gloves and a helmet. the steel is for practicing, even after you learn how to weld its good to practice welding the specific position before you do your final weld.Your best bet is to go to northern tool and just take a look at their welding section. its quite large enough for DIY projects.
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