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Default Re: Pasta Tin Gas Tank

Originally Posted by TRAX View Post
Sorry I have not answered in a while I've been recovering from an accident. Getting better and back online. (stay tuned to the end of the reply for an update)

Thanks, That's the look I was going for.

Thanks I'm a big fan of steam punk.

Thanks, at the first motorized bicycle rally I ever went to a fellow MB'er and I were talking and I was going on about how I like to tinker with my bike I just can't leave it alone. I had to build another one so I could be sure to have a ride for events as I was always pushing mine to breaking not nessisarily faster just "better" and he said "Reminds me of Burt Munro" I said who?? he said you need to watch the worlds fastest Indian. Needless to say I was an instant fan of the movie and the man. He was the real deal.

well, I guess it could. I think it would look cool. Why not give it a try? if you do post some pictures love to see it. It's just over 3.5in diameter and 11in long. I had thought it held more than the peanut tank but I recently measued it and it holds 1/2 gal. just like the stock tank.


No leaks I soldered the rivets too so they wouldn't leak.

This tank served me well and turned heads everywhere I went up until the accident. I was riding my bike when I was truck by a car. The tank held up well considering. I was struck on the side and the tank was bent up pretty good but all the seams held and it didn't leak gas. The only leak I had was through the cap venting. The fuel line broke so gas leaked out of that but not the tank.

I have been focused on recovering for the last 9 Months from the accident so hadn't been on line much. one thing I have been doing is looking for the parts I'd need to rebuild my bike. The tank was jacked-up and the frame wrecked so I had to find replacements. After months of looking for something that would be cool to make a tank for the rebuild and I just found another copper Pasta tin. This one is going to be a bit different but I hope just as cool. I'm going to post the "Pasta tin gas tank mark II"
in a "Rebuild" Thread I'll be starting soon. Thanks for all the posts and feedback on this project hope you check out my Rebuild too.

Glad to here you are doing good and look forward to seeing a rebuild. A shame that you lost the other one but it can be replaced where you can't be. Take care and God bless...
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