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Talking Re: Noob attempts a Felt MP build: Have mercy on me.

I'm now shot out of a cannon at stop lights up to about 30 mph. That's all I can I say. LOL The 2 motors do not combine speed but do combine torque to haul my butt up any hills. Cars behind me really have to gun it to pass me up to about 30 mph. Application of one or both motors at the same time is totally seamless. The electric motor feels a lot like a supercharger with a very slight lag when used simultaneously with the gas motor from a dead stop. Top speed is now approaching 40 mph with a 48T sprocket.

Got cussed out by a hobo at Venice Beach telling me my headlight was too bright and that he's now blind.

Militarizing the road, one bike at a time, since 2014.

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