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Default Re: Do you get a little more respect in traffic with a motor then on pedal only?

We certainly have our fair share of idiots but, yes, I can get some respect in town if I hold my line and drive like I was a motorcycle.

It is just that there is a noticeable difference between an internal combustion motorized bike that makes the typical motor noise and a pedal only or electric bike.

Now if I could only figure out how to get them to dim their brights at night for me like they do with the rest of traffic, that would be the real test of respect. I'm operating at 400 lumina blue tint for my front headlights but I think I need to at least quadruple that to start getting to the point where I can blind them just as much as they blind me if I flash them with my brights to "get the message across" for them to dim their brights for me.
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