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Default Re: Cold bending 1 piece cranks?

Originally Posted by wayne z View Post
OK, I bent some cranks on a Huffy tonight with my bending bars.

They came out real good. Only took about 5 munites per side.

I made the first bend, near the hub with the 4' static bar on the floor. I then applied force repeatedly to the bending bar, and got a pretty steep angle that measured 24" from floor to cheater pipe end, static.(no pressure but gravity on the cheater pipe.)
I then reversed the static bar, added the moveable bar to the crankleg at the tip, and stuck a 3/8 carriage bolt in the pedal hole, as a stop pin, and pulled both bar tips close to the crank arm end and eyballed the reverse bend(pushing bars apart, to parallel the pedal holes with the bike's frame.
I then repeated the process on the other side. Here's the results.
Attachment 43321

Attachment 43322

Attachment 43323
Would adding heat help it bend easier or do you think it is not needed?
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