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Default Do you get a little more respect in traffic with a motor then on pedal only?

Hello, I ride in traffic just like I was a car or motorcycle in town on 25mph or less speed limit roads on all my bikes (internal combustion motor assisted bike, electric motor assisted bikes, & pedal only bikes) simply because I find that on slower speed roads I am safer as a part of traffic rather then being to the right of it and riding on the shoulder of the road.

I have noticed that I get slightly more "mutual respect" from people driving full size vehicles when on the bike that has an internal combustion motor on it then I do on either the pedal only bikes or the electric assist bikes even though one of my electric assist bikes is actually faster in both acceleration and top speed then the internal combustion bike (just doesn't have the range that thing drains the batteries fast).

Anyone else notice this? What gives?

Do "cagers" just hate people that don't have a motor that goes put-put or is it because they are somewhat used to motorcycles and it is easier for their mainly closed and limited mind to process the fact that we might have equal right to use the road as well?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining and because of this my IC motorized bike now gets the majority of the use for my commuting needs just trying to figure out the "Why" behind it all.
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