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The GT5 is not a great motor/kit combo, I will give you that. The NT is a reliable carb, even if it is a bit gutless. My GT5 kit came with an NT carb, as well as my GT2 kit. Nobody at any of the factories probably care if they put a broken ring in. You're lucky if your engine comes from a factory where they test run the engines. Then at least you wont get an engine with a broken ring, but there is no way of knowing that. The other thing you have to understand as the reason why all these engines dont run exactly the same is because they dont have strict tolerances where these parts are machined. In case you dont know (and if you do then I apologize), a tolerance is an amount that a machined part can be off by during a production run and still be considered acceptable. I dont know if they even pay attention to the tolerances at all or what they are, but I guarantee you they are not very strict or otherwise these engines would all run pretty much the same. And they all come from factories in China, where the workers dont get paid very much, so they probably dont even care that much about tolerances or quality control or any of that. If you got a good kit and engine and you are completely satisfied with it, then you are lucky. I got a decent engine now, but I worry how much longer it will last.
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