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Default Re: in line fuel filter leak

Originally Posted by turnofftheradio View Post
My filter leaked right out of the box, at the same seam. If this turns out to happen often, I think it would be a good recommendation for anyone with a new kit to just buy a new one and not bother with the kit one. It would be a real bummer to burn up a new build, or yourself due to a gas leak.
the kit supplied filters are junk...don't even bother using them.
just looking at them should tell you that they are very low quality.

you can not ignite gasoline with heat need a spark or a flame.
however a gas leak is not good, but i highly doubt that a fire would start just by gas hitting the hot engine or the exhaust.
its the fumes from gas that are flammable, and to ignite fumes, you need open fire or an open spark.

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