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Default Re: in line fuel filter leak

A. yes it does matter which way you put the filter on. The filter is designed for fuel to flow and catch debris in one direction, If you put it on backwards, debris caught by the filter will stop the flow of fuel. when put on the right way, the filter will catch debris and still allow fuel to flow around it.
flipping a used filter around, will only allow any debris already caught by the filter to get into the carb.
this will plug up your main jet and possibly cause your float to stick (which can cause it to flood over, or not allow any gas onto the carb.)

B. you should never have to use a sealer on a fuel filter...nothing will hold up to the fuel contacting the sealer. (especially somethign that's silicone based)
Unless it's a screw together filter, then you can use a sealer on the threads but it has to be fuel resistant (but most screw together aluminum filters have an o-ring inside of them at the threads to prevent leaks).

C. yes, out the filter on with the flow arrow pointing down towards the carb and then put a hose clamp on each end of the hose that goes onto the filter.
Just tighten them up, but don't go too tight or you will damage the fuel line.

D. do not depend on the filter that's in the tank (attached to the fuel petcock) they are junk and usually clog VERY easily. your best bet is to remove the filter in the tank all together and get it out of the way.

E. you can buy a very good plastic inline fuel filter for about $4.00 - $5.00 at almost any hardware store (1/4" outside diameter fittings). if the filter body itself is leaking, it's cracked. throw it away and get a new one.

F. your filter will eventually fill all the way up with fuel (past the seam that you mention).
these things are gravity fed, and the only thing that will stop the fuel from flowing out of the tank, into the filter is the carb float (or a plugged up fuel petcock) your filter may not be all the way full now, but let it sit and let the air get worked out of will eventually fill all the way with fuel.

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