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Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
No, what happened to my previous engines was not a Grubee issue. Some of it was my fault, the rest were common problems that I was either unaware of or unable to prevent. I have only ever had one issue with stock hardware, so I wont ever replace hardware unless it needs it. Grubee is really no worse or better quality than any of the other engines that are being sold nowadays, and some of the other engines are actually made at the same factories and sold under different names. Grubee's only real problem is that their customer service is inconsistent. Some people get what they pay for and get great customer service. Others get the shaft.
i own a 2011 GT-5 kit and a flying horse kit there is no comparing the 2 the grubee kit is such cheap crap if you sit them side by side with there 410 chain, sloppy welds (on the tank) and the worst is they are horribly under packed i cant beleve anyone cane get a kit from them without something being broken or missing.then to add insult to it they send out the EPA parts which never work right unless you modify the h3ll out of them

the flying horse kit has the 415 chain the NT carb and had the option of the ubolt mount (grubee says drill your frame not happening).
nicest thing is it works out of the box and NOTHING is scratched, dented or broken they spent the extra $1 on boxs and bubble wrap bags to pack things in. also it works out of the box no extra parts needed and pulls like a train in comparison to the grubee(when it worked ).

so in short there are huge differences in the kits even if they are cast the same the quality control makes a difference and i feel better when i open a box and its not just tossed inside.
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