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Default Re: New Guy with completed Bike

I weigh about the same as you do, and my engine runs about the same. cruises at 25, will get up to 31 on a long enough straight. I think of it basically as a home-built moped. I have never driven an actual motorcycle, but one thing i think is a nice difference is that these motorbikes will start in any weather, due to the fact that they dont need a battery to run the engine. some motorcycles do have magnetos in them, but most dont, so you pretty much cant ride in the winter unless you keep it hooked up to a battery tender and in a heated garage. I seldom have any trouble at all starting my bike even in the coldest temps. my bike is currently my only form of transportation besides the bus, and i like that just fine. your bike is looking pretty good there, and older schwinns seem to hold up well to being motorized. $35 is a good deal. Paid $75 for my Huffy Cranbrook at Walmart.
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