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Default Re: ?Recommendations for HF 90cc Engine Kit

Originally Posted by The_Aleman View Post
The clutch has an 11T, then -> 22T (2:1). So with say, a 56T sprocket and 26" wheel, you get a 12.44:1 overall, or ~34.5MPH @ 5500RPM

You can swap out that 22T to something bigger (it takes #35 chain) for more reduction and takeoff or use a smaller rear sprocket for higher top speed.

If you set your gear ratio too tall, you'll get some chatter off the line tho. 30MPH should be enough, unless you're greedy IMO lol
Those numbers are fine with me. I'll be happy to go 30mph (48 K/hr).
The 56t sprocket attaches directly to the rear wheel, as I see. (In an electric bike, which I'm a bit familiar, a freewheel would be called for here, but things are different with gas-power.) It appears to attach as the brake disk does. Correct?
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