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Default Re: ?Recommendations for HF 90cc Engine Kit

Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
the ezm qmatic transmission will bolt on to the 79cc and the 99cc. you may have to grind your shaft down a teeny bit depending on the shaft size I think. for the 99cc, there is also a transmission available at that is designed specifically for the 99cc. I suppose it would also fit the 79cc. the agk tranny is much cheaper than the qmatic, but you have to buy a clutch separate. there are no complete kits available for the 99cc, so you will have to hook up your own throttle linkage and exhaust and also find a motor mount. the 4 stroke kit mounts will work but may require some modification. you will also need to remove or disconnect the governor. most here just disconnect it. ezm, the company that sells the qmatic transmission, sells flex pipe exhaust for like 36 bucks, or you can make your own. but you certainly do not have to build a transmission completely from scratch. check the diy section for more ideas and info.
The clutch you refereed to is this? That's a good start. I suppose I should just start buying stuff.
[BTW, I don't have a home internet connection, so I have to WiFi it in a public place and read later. I can't respond quickly is what I'm saying.] I'm going to copy that whole site. (I use WinHTTrack for that.)
I'm convinced to go through with the project. It doesn't look like it's going to be prohibitively expensive.
OK let's start with a list of materials:
  • Engine
  • Clutch (as just described)
  • #35 chain
  • What are you suggesting for a transmission? It would seem this chain coming off the sprocket on the clutch would go directly to a sprocket fixed to a friction drive roller.
I really need to read-up some. And I need to read the In frame Predator fricton drive build.
Who sells the EZM "Q"-matic? Maybe Quenton Guenther's
EZ site is being re-worked. I did find Their kit:
  • Kit includes:
  • Made in the USA EZ Silent Drive System
  • Complete Engine with pulley and shims attached
  • Motormount and bolts
  • Chain Guard
  • Parts Bag(rubber rings,bolts, tank straps, petcock, fuel line and misc
  • Throttle and matching grip
  • Tank (Black)
  • Sprocket (hardware in bag)
  • Ball bearing chain idler
  • 9 tooth #41 Sprocket
  • 5" Pulley
  • 8 6x1x16mm 8.8 bolts
  • 8 6mm lock washers
  • #41 Chain
  • #41 Master Link
  • Clutch Lever and clutch adjuster

One question at this point: It seems the popular position of the engine is in-frame. What about above the rear wheel? Why is in-frame considered preferable?
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