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Default I stole your Motor-Bike: Confession of a Thief

It was not my original intention but it appears that I may have stolen your motorized Bicycle.

Enthusiasm often over rides Wisdom and perhaps this is the reason I stole from you. I discovered Motored Bicycles and began researching them. The first thing I did was run a search on Google Images and down loaded some pictures of different Motorized Bikes that I really liked, I did this for ideas. There were a few bikes that really inspired me and I used them as Background images on my computer, a different one each day.

As I learned more and became more enthused to build one of these beauties, I had an idea, create a Squidoo Page about Motorized Bicycles. My intention for the page was to bring more attention to Motorized Bicycles as well as encourage people to come here to the forum to learn more. It was not my intention to Steal from people, but to share what I had discovered, Motorized Bicycles.

In my enthusiasm, I shared the photo’s from my computer that inspired me with the hope it would inspire others also. I did not record where the photo’s came from or even who had built them. I should have taken the time to search until I found the creator of these bikes and asked permission, I did not do this. Perhaps I was not thinking or was so caught up in what I was doing that I wanted to get it out there for more people to find. My reasons are not important, what is important is the fact that “I stole some ones property”. When notified of their objection, I removed their picture as well as the others.

My apology for “Stealing Your Motorized Bicycle”.
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