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Default in line fuel filter leak

Hello gang!

I recently just put together my first build(hooray!) ran pretty poorly and was jolting frequently...i eventually figured out that the gap on my spark plug was almost completely nonexistent. i bought an NGK spark plug for like 3 bucks and it worked swimmingly!

So i'm having a blast riding around, was riding uphill and my chain locks up...i look down and the stupid friggan tensioner had jammed itself into my spokes effectively destroying my rear tire. i just bought a new rim for the low low price of 45bucks >:/

i also just bought #41 chain and plan on running without a tensioner...that experience scarred me!...if i had been going downhill or over man

but thats all another matter,

my in line fuel filter rests on my bike close to horazontally and i suppose theres a small gap inbetween the clear bit and the white plastic.

my question is, since i have the filter on the hose in the gas tank itself is it necessary to have a second filter? if it is necessary, what would be the best way to seal that sucker up?
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