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Default Re: My new clutch actuator

Everyone Please Read!!!

New products? You tell me...I thought I had a good one!

To the guys, and of course the ladies, that like to assemble and ride motorized bikes:

I do not import anything from China, I do not outsource anything. I have a small, fairly well equipped, modern machine shop right here in the USA... believe it or not. I can, for the most part, make anything from small high precision components to elaborate custom machines.

I want everyone to take advantage of this in the same way that you take advantage of any other "deal". This is your opportunity to have the parts you want to make your bikes better! Quality made at reasonable prices.

I have been involved with the development of engines, for a variety of applications, for years.

I made the clutch actuator for a good customer...I do a lot of work for the Navy...Radar and microwave mechanicals. He bought a Point Beach Schwinn and an engine kit. He tried to put it together at home, and then realized it was going to require some shop work to make it right. He brought it to me and said "make it right", and by-the-way I don't like the clutch..."It's too stiff", fix it! call me when it's rideable!

I mounted the engine and then addressed the clutch. The fix came in the form of an assembly, or kit. It wasn't just "one thing" that was wrong. I contacted the major importers of these engines and they all said that the clutches have been a source of aggravation for years.

I figured I would offer up the clutch actuator kits to everyone. So far there have been those who totally get it and thank me for providing an easy to pull clutch. Some even re-order for thier bike business. There are also those who can't make it work, even with the detailed instructions!

To me this product solves a number one complaint about these engines. If in fact this is not of any concern, (as sales would indicate), then you tell me what really matters and I will make it to order.

Best Regards,

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