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Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
Those don't fly in Ohio. It just wastes a lot of money.
What doesnt fly in Ohio? Ohio wont transfer a plate/title from Maine? Thats all your local DMV has to do. I have used this several times without any issue. It works in all 50 states, it just takes advantage of laws in Maine to get the ball rolling. Of course there are situations where it wont work, like if the VIN is reported as stolen, etc.

If you can manage to get a plate from another state, that is vaild in that state, you can transfer it to your state. The local DMV is required to issue you a new plate/state title, because by law they have to recognize the validity of the existing plate, additionally most states require you to change your registration to your state of residence, so like they have to do it. I dunno about any papers/pinkslips/etc but if you have a valid license plate, you can do it.

Its not ALOT of money, its like 100 bucks.

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