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Default Re: What to do about bike unfriendly businesses?

I lock mine up to whatever is sturdy and out of the way enough so as not to be easily hit by a car or get in the way for pedestrians but still be in a very public space with lots of people going back and forth. Telephone poles, parking lot light poles, sign poles, etc . . . all are fair game.

I do not lock up at a bicycle rack unless it is right in plain view right near the main doors of a business with a steady stream of people going back and forth right next to it. A lot of bike racks at stores in my area are "tucked around the corner" or such and are out of the sight of the main flow of pedestrian traffic going in and out of the store and I've been sabotaged by pedal only bicyclist that think they have a right to try to mess up my ride because it has a motor on it and they seem to think that is some kind of heresy even though a motorized bike has a way smaller ecological footprint then any car and most motorcycles and scooters.

I've even been viciously confronted to my face by the more aggressive ones demanding to know why the ^#@#$^ I put a %@!$% motor on my bike so that it is a green house gas polluter and bikes are supposed to be clean and pollution free. I even have developed a Shakespeare like theatrical act where I mentally put myself on stage with full depth like back in debate class or live stage theater from my college days long ago as a standard way of responding to them that goes something like this:

Line ----- "Okay, so you want me not to make green house gases or pollute? Which would you prefer that I ride this motorized bike that gets between 100 and 150 miles to the gallon depending on how much I pedal or I could drive my big truck that uses ten times the amount of gas to go the same distance. You do of course realize that if you burn ten times the gas you make ten times the pollution. Which would you prefer?"
Delivery ---- Dripping with Sarcasm. Making full use of full body acting and voice inflection with a beat tone to throw them off balance and make them mentally lock up.

[Insert Short Pause for Dramatic Effect]

Line ----- "If you prefer sir I can certainly drive the truck instead."
Delivery ----- Change voice to a very soft slow gentle tone that forces them to strain to listen too while slightly leaning forward with a slight asian type bow while locking eyes with them. Using the rapid change in style to hold their attention and further "shock lock" their brain into a stupid stare on their speechless face with their brain stuck in processing mode.

[Make a long pause until they start to talk and then when they just open their mouth but have not yet uttered their first word jump in and cut them off.]

Line ----- "Do you not understand me?!?! Your vicious, wanton, and unprovoked attack on me, my personage, and my property for daring to drive a low pollution vehicle that pollutes many times less then a car will not be tolerated!!! You have no right to attack me because I DARE TO CARE !!!"
Delivery ----- Open up at full booming volume cutting them off when they were just about to speak NOT A SHRILL YELL but using a full deep boom voice from the very depth of the lungs with sharp articulated words that can be fully heard and get the head turning attention of everyone within a half block radius. Once again using the rapid change from the subservient low quite question presented with a partial asian bow to the full righteous indignation boom of a voice that needs no assistance to fill a full theater and be fully heard clearly and understandably and can do quite well outside to reach the whole parking lot and leave everyone staring at the one who initiated the confrontation leaving them embarrassed with all eyes staring at them.

And if they don't back off after that one, two, three primary delivery I continue the same process of unpredictably and rapidly changing voice tone and delivery styles at polar opposition to continue to "haze their brain" while continuing to press my point as a full on debate as if done before a full audience on stage at the college level continually logically arguing how eco-friendly a motorized bike is and forcing them to play the position of someone who is attacking and persecuting someone for "daring to care" and thus maintaining the high ground.

I've actually made a grown man almost break down that way with a drawn audience of nearly a dozen people staring at him. I play by a very simple rule. "You leave me along, I leave you alone. You don't leave me alone, I DON'T LEAVE YOU ALONE."
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