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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by JonnyR View Post
took a ride this morning to check out my work from yesterday must have had crap in the tank because it clogged the stock screen (should have known better) but got it to work again with a little road side mechanical work then when i got home i noticed i lost a screw from my new rear fender which sucks but i can get another plus i need to cut a little more off of the motor side for chain clearance it works but its to close for me i will just cut it with the grinder and re paint with rattle can black thinking about changing to my nt speed carb but dont want to mess with it while it runs good also thinking about making a exhaust out of 1" mild steel tube 1/16 wall or 1/32 Might read this link. Much has been covered on the danger of front fenders. That fender can lock up the front wheel big time! While a rear fender might not be so bad to lock up it is still a unplanned event.
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