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Default Re: A Colorado Rocky Mountain Hi

Electric will not have the range you want to tour. I have built and ride both. Twenty miles sounds like a lot till you actually do it. Plus as batteries age they lose some of their ump. And up hill eats the power. Gasoline is the way to go. If you carry the bike on your truck, then you can park your truck so starting is a downhill pedal and make it easier on yourself,

However they are noisy and smelly and almost as heavy as an electric bike with the batteries.

Take a look over the site and see what you like. I'm sure you can tailer something to your needs. Most important thing is to stay active. At least it has worked for me.

I got active again about a year ago and feel as good as i ever did. So don't quit go for it all. Just as long as you can.

I have my gasoline bike set to run about twenty miles per hour max... The electics will do about 15 mph. If you did want to build your own, the electric would be easier to build. That new hub kits is very easy and would just replace your front wheel and string a couple of wires. That one you probably could do in half a day with minor tools.
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