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Default Re: What to do about bike unfriendly businesses?

Some county's actually have laws and bike rules to protect cyclists from not having places to park. In MoCo it says anywhere that is not a fire hydrant or against a yellow curb or handicap sign is perfectly legal. They actually recommend using parking lot posts as it's harder to steal from the middle of the parking lot.

I've noticed less office buildings in DC have bike lock areas. Fortunately, a lot of companies don't mind if you bring your bike up to the office (as long as it doesn't fume). I always lock my china girl bike to a parking pole on the sidewalk and have had no issues from management. In fact I usually bump into the management guy when i arrive at work in the mornings. He's never mentioned anything about where I park my bike.

They used to have bike racks at all the local grocery stores, but about 5 years ago they took them all away. Now people have to lock them to bushes, trash cans, and displays and it's kinda mess. I usually just walk to the store (live less than a mile).
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