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Default Re: Schwinn Clairmont build questions

This is the email I got from Quenton

"The Q-Matic drive has been tested and used on a wide variety of 4 stroke motors from 1.5 HP to 28 HP {B & S Vanguard}.

The drive has never been attached to any 2 stroke motor that we are aware of, however I can't think of any reason it wouldn't work. If the motor has an extended crankshaft that could hold a 2" v-belt pulley and has a flat surface to attach the aluminum Q-matic drive plate to it should work. The primary ratio of the drive is 2.735 X 1 and the output clutch drive is a 10 tooth #41 sprocket."

Based on pictures alone I can see there is a flat mounting surface but I have hit the same wall in not being able to find the size output shaft. I have thought about some sort of adapter to work with the clutch that appears to be on the engine. But that would introduce a second clutch into the equation and I'm not sure how that would perform.
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