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Default Schwinn Clairmont build questions

Alright, another newb question/concern.

I have the Clairmont and plan to go with the EZM kit. I just have one question. I need to register this thing as a moped here in MI due to insurance reasons which most of you know that the rule is 30mph, 2bhp, and 49cc or less. That's where my issue comes in. I wanted to get the kit with the HS 144 (the generator one) but just read that it is a 53cc. This puts a stop to my plans as I don't think I will be able to register it. What options do I have to power lights and such if I go with the smaller 4 stroke engines? I really want to avoid rechargeable batteries. If I did decide on the HS144, what are the odds I could squeak it past and get it "legal"? Also would a 3 piece crank be able to clear something this wide? Thanks for any help.
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