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Default Re: Questions For First MB...

i have ordered a skyhawk 66cc kit it was tossed in a box with little to know pading the hardware is ridiculously crappy
the "high performance" CNS carb was a joke almost UN-tuneable only jet changes and a semi idle mix screw the tank had some of the worst welds under it.
the offset intake also was horrible inside
the plug boot was broken
the chain was worse than flimsy
the engine cut out button on the throttle lasted 1 and a half weeks
then i started having quality control issues idler baring started to come apart the carb wouldn't stay on or seal (blue rvs silicone fixed mostly) then the CDI followed by the magneto

so to say the least i got fed up with it and its my paper weight on my work bench to remind me not to try to save a few dollars and to do my research on what is currently the one no one is having a problem with.

since i bought my black "flying horse" 66cc kit not a problem and was packed really nicely should have gotten the bigger tank but that's not there fault and having the u bolt mount is a great option i would never drill a frame to attach a motor it will crack on you.
so in short there is a difference in the kits and some luck has a part

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