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Default Re: What to do about bike unfriendly businesses?

Originally Posted by Meccanica View Post
I know this isn't really what you were referring to when making this post but I have noticed that not only do the local bike shops not offer any motorbike parts or accessories but they get downright snobby when I ask for something and they find out that it's for a motorized bike. I've had them roll their eyes and wave me off while saying "we don't deal in motorbikes". The funny thing is that I have been asking for BICYCLE parts when this happens. The bicycle purists seem to have cornered the market in my area. That's fine with me, I'll just spend my money elsewhere.
They even give me bad advice. I wanted a seat post with suspension for my bike. It's for a steel frame G3 by MoBikes made for adding a motor and they told me they don't make them.

"Really, they don't make them in 1 inch?"


I see one over his shoulder, and I say, "You realize 25.4mm is 1 inch?"

"OK, I not sure it will work."

Well it did,,, What dic's!

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