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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

This is actually over a few days but,

Put a slide carb on with it's stock jet 0.78mm and it 4 stroked like mad, but the throttle response was amazing. Put the smallest jet in 0.68mm and it only 4 stroked at WOT.

I thought I needed a better expansion chamber so I got the small banana style one, it didn't help with the 4 stroking and seemed to actually hurt the low end and I very little mid-range (my strong point for my bike). It 4 stroked so bad at top end I never got the pipe to "come alive".

I put my old stock carb on and it 4 stroked too!?! I was thinking this pipe was never going to work. Put my old SD speed EC back on it ran OK.

Put on my 32T sprocket and this setup wouldn't drive it properly, it bogged and was obviously over geared, and of course 4 stroked, sigh.

Finally woke up and down jetted the slide carb, we took one from the kit silver soldered it closed and promptly broke the bit. Melted the 2nd one, the third was not melted but severely over heated, but the 4th one stayed up! Drilled it to 0.025 in/.635mm.

Holy freaking cow! No longer 2 stroking! My brother found out that the new pipe works but at 32 mph. So on my first test drive, I got low kept her pegged and down hill I got to 39 mph! On another down slope found I could sit up and hold 37 mph without much vibration, and with the rps up I could hold 36 mph on the flat for nearly a mile. If I'm patient I can get to 34-35mph on flat ground, but it takes a while.

Now I got to get a better low end/middle range ExChamber and see what I get then.

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