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Default Re: What to do about bike unfriendly businesses?

Originally Posted by donphantasmo View Post
It's a bike. Park it anywhere there is a sign or something, and lock it up. Don't get upset about such little details. It's not a big deal, man...

I seriously doubt it's a "gasoline conspiracy" or even "bike unfriendly" as much as a commonplace simple oversight, after all how many stores have designated motorcycle parking?

Instead of a petition which is oft a hostile reaction to flat & repeated refusals - have you tried simply suggesting to the management that a bike rack would be a welcome customer courtesy? Does their competition provide one?

Are there even enough bicycles strewn about to warrant one? If there are, take pics & show them, which would be the most convincing point... if not, well... personal inconveniences aside, I'd say it doesn't really matter.
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