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Default Re: newbie needs help


Go into the "introduce yourself" area and introduce yourself, including location. You will find a lot of nice people there, who will be more then willing to help you out.

And every question you asked has been asked a million times here. Don't be afraid to look through this forum, and use the search bar. It's a very good tool.

To quickly explain the 2 stroke vs 4 stroke. 2 stroke is like a weed-wacker, or a blower for your lawn. It's higher pitch, uses oil and gasoline mixture, and very powerful for the displacement (engine size). In contrast, 4 stroke is like your car (or a lawn mower). You'll have less problems to deal with, but less power then a 2 stroke. Also, you don't have to pre-mix your fuel with oil.

That all has to do with how the engine gets lubricated. I can go in a lot more detail, but all you need to know is a car vs a weedwacker. Or a dirtbike vs a motorcycle. More like Waaaaa Waaaaaaaa vs Vroom Vroom.
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