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Default Re: What to do about bike unfriendly businesses?

there's usually good bike parking in southern california at most big places, with the exception of the huge Bella Terra shopping mall in huntington beach.

it's a sprawling, outdoor mall and they have those stupid art deco bike racks that look fancy, but you can only lock up 4 bikes, except some jackass always parks sideways across it.

there's only a few of the racks scattered around the place, but there's plenty of light posts.

but if you lock your bike to one of them, they give you a fake ticket, claiming they have a description of your bike and they'll confiscate it if it's locked to a post again.

i got one of those and called the security office and asked them what they meant by "confiscating."

the guy had no real answer, so i continued to badger and heckle him. "does that mean you're stealing my bike? is that legal? is it like impound and i have to pay to get it back? are you saying the bella terra mall is anti-bike? does that mean you're anti-green, anti-environment..."

i went on as long as i could keep the guy on the phone.

another funny part of it is that this neatly printed "ticket" (in spanish on the back even) had multiple spelling errors. i'm not talking typos, i mean a blatant disregard for proper grammar.

so i pointed that out to the poor guy, too. "you're not just anti-bike, anti-health, and enviro-unfriendly, you're anti-literacy..."

nothing's changed, but it made me laugh. needless to say, i don't park my bike there anymore, or shop there.
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