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Default Re: MY new Motorized bike, well 3000 miles now...

all motorised vehicles need to be classified into classes depending on power, top speed, licence requirements etc, those are moped 50cc bikes, class 1 (max 45km/h, can drive on roads) and 2, (max 30km/h, cannot drive on roads if possible), next is light mc, anything over 50cc to 125cc max 20kW, and reclassifying one class to another is expensive end extensive, most 50cc bikes sold here are restricted almost to the point of handicapping them, next is mc, and then heavy mc, and i think those two are a power to weight ratio thing.

modding a bike with a 66cc motor and driving 44mph (70km/h) in a 40 zone one handed without a helmet would probably result in extreme recklessness in traffic, speeding, helmet violation, driving an unlicensed vehicle, etc etc resulting in tens of thousands of kronors in fines, most likely loosing your drivers licence if you have one for 5-10 years or atleast suspend you from getting one during the same period, and probably probation or directly into jail for 6months to 2 years.
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