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Default Re: newbie needs help

Originally Posted by liz26914 View Post
I really don't know anything about bikes or motors so I'm pretty much a baby with this stuff.
1. are bike kits from ebay (china) crap? A couple of people on youtube said they were. If they are not all crap, how do I know which ones are good ones?
2. what does 2 stroke and 4 stroke mean?
3. Is there a thread on this forum that goes through the step by step process of installing the bike kit with a lot of pictures?
there are alot of good youtube videos for builds also most kits come with a instruction book if you have basic skills with tools you can normally use the vague instructions to put it together if you have problems youtube and this forum will help you get down the road.

the big difference between two stroke and four is that a two stroke has the oil mixed into the gas and you need to do that every time you fill it up and a four stroke you put oil in it like a car and chainge it every now and then and run strait gas

as far as crap kits go there are a few out there read around and ask questions on the different ones before you buy because i thought i read enough bought a Grubee 66cc GT-5 motor and had nothing but problems. another thing is the place you buy the kit from stay away from kings motor bikes and gasbike theirs another i cant remember but they are useless if you have a problem. if you need something also the 3 are all the same company.
i like they have been good to me help me pick out my flying horse motor which i love.
spooky tooth is another great group of guys also they can send you a bike ready to go
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