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Default Re: newbie needs help

Originally Posted by liz26914 View Post
I really don't know anything about bikes or motors so I'm pretty much a baby with this stuff.
1. are bike kits from ebay (china) crap? A couple of people on youtube said they were. If they are not all crap, how do I know which ones are good ones?
2. what does 2 stroke and 4 stroke mean?
3. Is there a thread on this forum that goes through the step by step process of installing the bike kit with a lot of pictures?

1. Sorta. They are made in china and the quality control is non existent. It doesn't matter where you get your kit, because you can get a good one or a bad one. Buy from a reputable seller for best results.

2. 2 stroke/4 stroke meanes the type of engine it is...think chainsaw or weed wacker "2 stroke" buzzy, ringy dingy sound, a lot of mopeds are 2 stroke. 4 strokes are more like the small atv's, cars, lawn mowers.

3. Been answered above.
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