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Default Re: My new clutch actuator

Originally Posted by filestyle1 View Post
for the life of me, maybe Iam looking to hard, I dont know what is on his table that starts and end with the same letter!!! you say tomato , I say tomoto. laying right there huh! I'll keep playing your little game! lay another clue down for me Walter. which table in pics? and I've done it before!? hmmmm, is it made of aluminum? is it going to be shiny? is it a dress up kit for the motor? better performance you say? hmmmm, Iam ready for another clue.
Come on File, you just ain't holdin' your mouth right! Slowly review, which table in pics? one of them. I've done it before? in answer to "is it a bolt on? Is it made of aluminum? It can be. Is it going to be shiny? It is custom, remember, whatever you want. Is it a dress up kit for the motor? Nope, but that could be in the works. Better performance you say? That's the whole idea Bud. Happy Hills & Trails Walter F.

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