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Talking Re: Noob attempts a Felt MP build: Have mercy on me.

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
None of us knew how to. Just "wanted to" and very cool "keepin' on until I'm satisfied." is a great build.

Taking a good long while is a good thing. Half the fun is the build. I raced with my first build ($148 2 smoker) Ad said could be assembled in 4 hrs. I didn't get from the edge of the drive way to the end of the yard before the tensioner went in to the spokes, lol.

The attention/folks noticing thing freaks me out too. I wanted to be incognito and spent huge amounts of time and money trying for the quietest muffler. When I started riding 4 smokes, missed the "that look" thing.

Just sayin' it gets fun(er) after you get used to it. I live in a very reserved sort of town. Folks are a wee bit stand off-ish. On a MB, end up talking to neighbors.

Every kid who owned a bicycle wanted to do this. When some one sees your's and smiles, it is a good thing.
I use to only go out at night and only on side streets and now I'm all over the map, even when the suns up. The battery pack, controller and rear sprocket are on the way. Once both motors are connected by a chain with the ability to use both motors or just one of them at a time things are gonna get interesting. No more pedaling on boardwalks or "No Motor Vehicle" paths for me. I'll just go into stealth mode with the e-hub.
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