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Default Re: Questions For First MB...

Hello! I am a newbie here, (apologies if this isn't a good place to post, please direct where might be!) and need some guidance on which engine/kit to buy as well. Many have recommended kits from "boygofast" on eBay and I am looking at two kits he recommended to me. The first one is here:

The second kit has a motor with wider intake and "boygofast" emailed me saying, "the z80 runs good more power. the wider intake may have high compression ( u may need add one more head gasket) it runs smooth."

Which engine is better? are the kits the same? Is the larger intake engine also new and improved (one is listed as "EPA certified needle bearing engine and EPA 66cc engine", I wonder iof the wider intake is also? I am guessing the larger intake goes faster, but is it as good an engine, will it last as long, does it have problems because of large intake?
Which do you recommend for me? I am an experienced bike rider, in fact I do not have a car. I also regularly used an electric bike for commuting.
Thank you for your time, knowledge and expertise! I intend to purchase this week.
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