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There are always going to be people who will try to reach/push/break the limits of anything. Let us remember though, that going faster will actually increase your mpg, because an engine that can reach a higher speed at any given rpm will have better mpg than an engine traveling at slower speeds at the same rpm. For example: bike A has engine A and a top speed of 30 mph, and bike B also has engine A, but a top speed of 45 mph. Give them both a distance of 90 miles to travel, and bike B will reach it in 2 hours, but bike A will take 3 hours. This is assuming they are operating at or near top speed on engine power alone with no stops from point A to point B. Bike A will have used up 1.5x as much fuel as bike B, because bike A was operating longer. Now for me personally, I would like better hill climbing ability. I got into motorbicycling because I wanted to be able to travel farther than average distances without having to pedal. Since I dont climb hills well, my goal is not always met. However, I do go about 30 mph and get around 100mpg. It may not be the highest mpg on the forum or even close to it, but its still more than twice what any factory car in america gets. I call that pretty decent. There is nothing wrong, though, with someone wanting to build a bike thats meets their goals and desires performance-wise, whatever they may be.
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