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Hi Forum,

I just purchased a kit off ebay and got a box of parts with no instructions. I got it fairly cheap, so I guess I shouldn't complain, but I kinda think I would like it a lot better if it were on my bike and running then half on the bike and half of it in the rather thin and falling apart cardboard box.

I bought the motor because I thought it would be a fun project for my boys and I, and it would also be fun to ride around on for the whole family when it is completed.

So far I have got the sprocket and chain installed, and the motor semi-installed. I still need to fabricate a front mounting plate because the front engine mount does not go far enough forward to meet the front downtube of the bike frame. I cannot move the motor any further down the back tube because the chain guard is in the way. I think I have that part figured out, just need to spend a few minutes fabricating a new mount with some scrap metal pieces I have laying around. I have seen some places on the net where they talk about drilling a hole into the bike frame for mounting the motor, but I really don't like that idea and think that fabricating a new mount would be faster, look better and not compromise the already questionable structural strength of a cheap Chinese bike. (Not picking on the Chinese here, they just make them the way Wally-world wants them)

I worked on bikes a lot as a kid, but never small motors before. I am not an idiot (well not the kind that drools and bites themselves anyway) but I have not been able to find how to connect the throttle and clutch cables to the motor. I admit I have not looked at every thread listed here yet, but I have glanced at the titles to see if any speak about connecting these parts but I didn't see anything. Can anyone direct me in the right way to find this info?

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