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Default Re: Questions For First MB...

front suspension is nice, sur.. I have mine on a older cantilever brakes TREK. Rigid frame. Gotten me to work for a month.. mind you a lot of work goes into it to tune this and that. Im on the east coast.. bit more lax with the laws here as long as im riding responsibly.

I ordered my china girl engine from They are in port coquitlam ( spelling?) Paid 198 with shipping and tax.

Whatever engine you decide, get some loctite at canadian tire. Blue 242 is removable. once Everything is the way you like it apply that stuff to the threads, and let it sit for 24hours.

I actually had a hard time finding a mountain bike that had a standard tube frame. But most, the zoombikes kit anyway comes with a fat tube post adapter... the first bike i tried ahd that frame, and the carb wouldnt fit, i didnt want to modify the carb to fit.. so i returned the 300$ bike, and found this next to new trek for 60$ on kijiji!!

was 500-600 dollar bike 5 to 6 years ago, buddy rode it for a summer, barely, and had a kid.. no more time for that..

Cruiser bikes are great for asphalt etc.. i need the mountain bike, because im in the country, the side of the road it dirt and rocks etc.. before I get to town.
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