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Default Questions For First Motorized Bicycle..

Hi all thanks for looking!
I've seen a couple of people riding motorized bikes around town, and have decide I want to make one.

Cliffnotes : Located in Canada. Budget ~$500. Best engine? What to look for in a bike?

I've decided to take my chances on a Chinese engine kit. I've done some searching and haven't found a definitive answer on whether or not one is better than the other. Is there? Here's the one I'm thinking of getting :

Since motorized bikes are illegal here (Canada) my theory is I'd get in less trouble for having an engine under 50cc vs one that's over. Or does it matter?

Now most importantly, which bike? I've looked through some threads and it seems like a lot of people recommend cruiser bikes. I don't think that would work very well around here (hills, roads aren't rough roads) so I'd like to use a mountain bike. Here is what seems to me to be the most 'appropriate' bike I've found so far :

Here's why I think this bike would be ideal :

- Doesn't cost a whole lot (my budget for this whole thing is about $500)
- Has suspension
- Looks to have thin tubes - easier for mounting the engine? (vs newer bikes with oversized tubes)
- Not single speed
- Good brakes

Am I going in the right direction? Any input is appreciated!
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