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Default Re: BoyGoFast 415h chain, anybody bought one?

Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
its a good thing you mentioned that fred, because I dont have a grinder to modify the chain. I was gonna go with 410h instead anyway, but now I definitely know that I cant use 415 without grinding it, and with my luck, grinding it would mess it up anyway lol. 410 is what I have been using, and its worked for me till now, so I think I will stick with it.
Best of all for you.. you can get plain ol generic 410 chain at Walmart for real cheep. Since that is what you say you have been using...that would be the cheapest place for you to find it would cost much less than ordering it on the net.

Originally Posted by The_Aleman View Post
2 years with the same chain? Your sprocket prolly looks like crap.
I would think that cog is shark toothed by now ?? Unless he did not ride much or too far? The thinner engine cog for that type chain on a H.T. china motor that they do make would wear quickly from my own experience with a H.T. and their thinner model cog too.

Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
its a good thing

The H.T. motor is ready made for 410 or 415 chain. It is a casual thing to run one or the other. .
Many members use the 41 chain and it is considerably wider than the 415 it works great on the H.T.
Some kits came with a slightly thinner engine cog. While some other kits come with a ticker one that will not except a BMX chain.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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