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Default Re: BoyGoFast 415h chain, anybody bought one?

Originally Posted by crmachineman View Post
I've been using 415H chain, and I like it, but I found that it needed to be modified by grinding one side a little. I found that if I didn't do that, the chain would ride up high on the small drive sprocket. It prevented the chain rollers from fully nesting in the sprocket recesses.


I can put as big ''wide'' of a rear tire as I want on my machine and the KMC 415 has always worked perfect. No modifications of any kind.

Originally Posted by crmachineman View Post
Hey Magrider,
Nice looking bike on your avitar! I checked out treatland; pretty cool stuff they have for those mopeds! Thanks for the tip! I'm thinking about making offset drive sprockets that will allow the use of 420 chain. The offset would allow using wider rear tires as well. But, I've got a lot of projects, and I can't do them all at the same time!

420 is a way wider chain than that of 415.
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