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Originally Posted by JoHoR/T View Post
i've built 3 so far. all sold though. here is a pic. i made my own motor mount. just a flat plate and 2 pipes angled away from eachother, had to offset the motor to the left to stay inline with the rear sprocket, then bolt the plate down. . for the tensioner, angle the tensioner down like this one.
Thank you for the reply johoR/T. I cant see the mounts you made real clearly from the picture. I expected it needed to be either offset or purchase a special set up for this type bike. Gas tank mounting appears to need special mounting as well because of the wide piece under the main bar. As mentioned the rear hand brake appears to be in the way of the chain and tensioner by pointing the tensioner down will this solve this problem? While on the brakes, is hand brakes safe with motor attached? One last question is the rear sprocket. it appears that it is not far enough past the rear wheel because when I put the chain on the chain rides against the rear wheel. Will I need to shim the sprocket out more? Any suggestions from all you bike gurus will be appreciated. This is my first one. Thanks again.
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