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Default Re: How many miles on your 2 stroke China Engine?

kingsmotorbikes 70cc #1: installed new 4 years ago. miles? lets see....

distance to/from work (when still in tucson) round-trip: 18.9miles X 5 days/wk x 52 weeks x 4 years = 19,656. wait....can that be right? i hardly ever used the car to go to work, and i didnt count extra 6th workdays, trips to store/joyriding/probation office, etc. can that be right? hmmmm....
i have replaced all gaskets, cdi (1x) magneto (1x) lots of plugs, but the bushing motor is still going strong. is this possible? has to be.

kingsmotorbikes 70cc #2: miles unknown. installed used a year ago. dude i got it from used it as daily driver for two years.
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