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Default Re: Hello from Northeastern China

Deacon, cheers for the wishes. I'm sure we'll get it all worked out.


Ah, what aren't we having problems with. 2 engines seized today on our way back from getting gas. And after checking out a few English pages on these bikes I can see why. Our main problems seem to sprout from the rear engine mount bolts that snap and must be drilled out of the block. This has happened about 6 times.

We got our stuff all pre assembled by some guy on the side of the road. They all have these tanks with cute white rabbits on them. You can find photos here. None of us are skilled in Chinese and it was all arranged by the guy in charge of the race. Getting stuff fixed can be fun due to the language barrier and cheap parts.

I have been told the engines are sold in kits but seeing how our tanks are old and dented, I can't see them being new and included in these kits. Where we are situated now there isn't any place to buy the kits or parts but with the demand we're creating the short mechanic guy will probably start stocking them if he doesn't start refusing to help us fix them. Engines and tanks seem to all be the same. Apparently the box kits sell for about 500rmb which is about 75USD. I'm sure you could get them cheaper as we get laughed at for the price we paid for the bikes by every Chinese person that asks and we even lie by 33%. 1500 for the whole setup which is ridiculous as the bikes are about 30 years old. When you want to ride in style...
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