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Default Re: Im new to the forum & had to ask. Turbo + Meth Injection.

05lgt, there are proven performance mods that will probably do a lot more for your engine than windshield wiper fluid. at the least, if you are trying to use methanol to increase compressibility of the fuel (am I understanding that correctly?), then a high compression head will be the way to go. However, I would caution you to make use of all the available mods before trying the wiper fluid. there are plenty of mods available that will make a 2 stroke much more powerful. the high comp head, reed valves (which require boost porting for full effectiveness), and expansion chambers are all great, proven mods for 2 stroke engines, and may nearly double its power. none of us here know what windshield wiper fluid will do to a small engine, be it 2 stroke or 4 stroke.
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