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Default Re: Im new to the forum & had to ask. Turbo + Meth Injection.

To be absolutely honest I think if I really wanted to build the ultimate power house bike motor to run on an alcohol mix I would have to start from scratch. Theoretically you could take a stock motor and shave the head to increase the compression and then rebuild and re-tune the carb and adjust the timing slightly but it wouldn't gain you a whole lot with these motors especially the generic china girls. If you already had your own still out in the back of your barn and just wanted to convert one so you wouldn't have to buy gas then it would probably be worth it.

But if you are truly interested in power and power alone and using alcohol based fuel and other additives is means to that goal rather then the end goal. Well you would probably be best served by building from the ground up. There is a unique type of 2-cycle engine which works very, very well with a super-charger. It is known as an "Opposed Piston Engine" (OP engine) which is almost always supercharged because it works so well with a super-charger. It's most classic layout is in a equatorial triangle arrangement with three cranks at the three corners and three long cylinders making the three sides with two pistons in each cylinder at each end such that each crank has two pistons attached to it with a supercharger in the middle of the triangle crammed in between the cylinders surrounding it with a center gear on the supercharger that serves as the common output shaft that is meshed with a gear on each crank. Obviously if made the right size considering the resulting engine is triangular shaped it could fit in the frame triangle of a bike like a hand in a glove. With a large center gear on the supercharger and common output shaft and small gears on the cranks they put out a lot of torque at fairly low RPMs which when combined with their compact size for power output and smooth fairly quiet running made them ideal for use in submarines and almost every US submarine since WWII up until they went to nuclear power was powered by that kind of engine. One of those forgotten technologies that if properly scaled and applied would make one heck of a bike motor especially if combined with modern fuel injection technology.

Anyway, I mainly posted to dispel the common rumor that alcohol is some kind of evil nasty additive they are trying to mess us over with by adding it to the gas. The motors we are using just need to catch up to the present technology level. Basically the motor technology level used in the size of motors we are using on our bikes hasn't gone beyond the 70's at best and possibly all the way back to the 30's for the generic china girls. Sometimes simplicity is good but other times it is nice to catch up with the rest of the world and enjoy the perks that come with it like having something built to run the fuel that comes out of a regular pump in its current formulation rather then something that the last time they sold the kind of fuel blend out of a regular pump that would be ideal for it to run was before the current graduating class was even born.
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