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Default Re: Paint plastic tank

I painted my tank with flat black barbecue paint without prepping or anything else, just washed with soap and water, a light coat or two to cover up scratches and fading. my tank was black to begin with, and my bike is black. it seems fine, been a month or two at least already. of course, if you want to paint different colors, the best way is probably to use fuelproof primer and paint. its also important to remember that glossy paints have a lot of sealant, which is what the fuel vapors will attack. without at least using fuel proof primer, the paint will bubble, crack and peel. this is why i used flat black paint, it has much less sealant, and the paint on my tank hasn't bubbled or cracked at all yet. barbecue paint scratches very easily, so if you are using black to cover up green, it may scratch and the green might show through. engine paint is hi temp and fuel proof, and may come in a flat red or other color, but be aware, since there is no priming with engine paint, that even though its fuel proof, the vapors may still attack it if it is very glossy. i know, because i painted my plastic tank with engine paint before and it bubbled and cracked in a day or two.
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